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0950348UEM (Untreated, Primed, Pellet)

A great all‐around rootstock providing vigorous, uniform seedlings and high yields of higher quality scion‐fruit. Especially well suited for vigorous varieties.

Disease Resistant Codes Ma For Fol Ff (now Pf) Mi Vd Va Sl Pl Mj ToMV

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( "M" = 1000 seeds)
Type of Tomato Hybrid Tomato Rootstock
Item Number 0950348UEM
Resistance/Tolerance Ff1‐5(IR), Fol1,2(IR), For(IR), Ma(IR), Mi(IR), Mj(IR), Pl(IR), Sl(IR), ToMV(IR), Va(IR), Vd(IR)
Vigor High

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