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0920021 (Treated)

Adds bold color to baby leaf salads, spring mixes, or stir‐fries. Crunchy leaves are round to oval with a slight texture. Fast‐growing plants have an upright habit that keeps the leaves clean for harvest. Leaves hold their color and resist the leaf miner damage that discolors other leafy crops. For best results use for baby leaf production only.

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Disease Resistant Codes Cb Pfb

Product QTY Unit price
( "M" = 1000 seeds)
Type of Swiss Chard Hybrid Swiss Chard
Item Number 0920021
Height 20‐26"
Leaf Type Vivid Green, Bright Red Veins
Relative Days 25‐35 Baby Only (DS)
Resistance/Tolerance Cb(HR), Pfb1(IR)
Stem Type Bright Red

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