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0960015 (Treated)

Early, excellent yields. Up to 50% increased yield over standard Turnip Greens. Excellent regrowth ability is ideal for multiple cuts. Moderate bolt resistance. This variety has shown excellent results for processing.
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Disease Resistant Codes Bb TuMV

Product QTY Unit price
0.01563 LB = 1/4 OZ 0.03125 LB = 1/2 OZ 0.0625 LB = 1 OZ
Type of Turnip Hybrid Turnip
Item Number 0960015
Leaf Broad, Smooth, Short Petiole
Relative Days 33
Resistance/Tolerance Bb(IR), TuMV(IR)
Root Narrow, Tapered, Small Root
Skin Color Produced for Tops Only

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