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  3. T: Treatment

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Hybrid Turnip


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  1. 0960015 (Treated)

    Early, excellent yields. Up to 50% increased yield over standard Turnip Greens. Excellent regrowth ability is ideal for multiple cuts. Moderate bolt resistance. This variety has shown excellent results for processing.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bb TuMV

  2. 0960010 (Treated)

    High yielding with vigorous regrowth. Well-developed root system.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bb TuMV

  3. 0960021 (Treated)

    Produces a uniform root 4 1/2 ‐ 6" diameter with a strong top. Best suited for fall harvest. Spring sowing is not recommended due to bolting.
  4. 0960023 (Treated)

    Very beautiful half purple half white smooth turnip. Vigorous, high yielding and globe shaped. Harvest to 6" diameter.
  5. 0960001 (Treated)

    Attractive roots and greens. Hybrid uniformity, quality, vigor and yields.
  6. 0960019 (Treated)

    Rapid regrowth. Heavy leaf, good weight. Good bolt resistance. Older leaves resist yellowing.
  7. 0960005 (Treated)
    • AAS Winner

    AAS Winner! Best suited for Early Spring and Autumn sowing. Can be harvested at any stage. 2" at 35 days, grows up to 6". Late bolting, good flavor.
  8. 0960002 (Treated)

    Hybrid Seven Top type with heavy yields and improved color.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bb TuMV

  9. 0960013 (Treated)

    Excellent tasting white turnip. Tops can be used as turnip greens.

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