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Winter Hubbard Squash


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  1. An exciting miniature hybrid Blue Hubbard! Great flavor, with true Hubbard shape. Has ornamental qualities as well. Unique!
  2. 0890188U (Untreated)

    Vigorous vines, dark green, very hard shell thickly covered in heavy warts with a thick, dry, sweet fine grained goldenyellow flesh. Keeps until late spring, good shipper.
  3. New
    0890235U (Untreated)

    Very warty bright orange skin, hard thick rind, flavorful Hubbard/Turban cross. Introduced in 1883.
  4. 0880050 (Treated)

    Smaller than most Hubbards. Flesh is deep orange and dry with good eating quality. Keeps well.

  5. Excellent flesh quality and attractive rind color make this mini hubbard a must-try variety! Grow with Blue Magic and Red October for colorful roadside displays!

  6. Vigorous vines and high yields expected with this blue-grey hybrid. Uniform, medium sized, fine interior texture and sweet. Heavenly!!
  7. New
    0880084T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    An improved, very high yielding golden hubbard hybrid. Great for pies and pastries.
  8. 0890107T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Fantastic bright redā€orange color in a unique hybrid hubbard that is a perfectly uniform size for today's markets. Complements Blue and Green Magic!

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