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  1. 0890152U (Untreated)

    Miniature Long Island Cheese type with excellent eating quality. Extremely uniform fruit with bright orange internal color.
  2. 0890192 (Treated)

    An heirloom from the mountains of Tennessee. Needs a long season to get properly warted. High quality for cooking. Flattened warts are various shades of green and copper. Fruit stores exceptionally well.
  3. 0890243U (Untreated)

    Brazilian squash is named for traditional dish ‘Camarão na moranga’ which means ‘shrimp in a squash’. Prolific plants.
  4. 0890246U (Untreated)

    A lot of rich, sweet pumpkin flavor. Great cut in half, baked and cut up like a pie. Not a high yielding variety because so much energy and flavor goes into each fruit.

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