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Hybrid Smooth Leaf Spinach


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  1. New
    0860124 (Treated)

    High yielding, smooth, dark green baby leaf variety. Uniform spade shaped leaves. Very bolt tolerant. Slower growing variety is well suited for warmer planting slots.

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  2. New
    0860141 (Treated)

    Uniform thick dark green smooth leaves. Round to oval leaf shape. Very versatile variety can be used for baby leaf, bunch or clip.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pfs

  3. 0860099 (Treated)

    A widely‚Äźadapted, warm season hybrid with uniform, dark green leaves. It is suitable for baby, clip, or bunch markets.

    Disease Resistant Codes CMV Pfs

  4. New
    0860144 (Treated)

    Slow to moderate growing, with dark green thick leaves. Uniform smooth round to oval leaves. Versatile variety can be used for baby leaf, bunch, or clip.

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