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  1. E: Primed

  2. M: Pellets

  3. T: Treatment

    (This includes Standard Treatment)
  4. U: Untreated

  5. R: Encrusted

  6. G: Certified Organic

OP Radish


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  1. 0800088U (Untreated)

    Striking purple skin that contrasts well with the crisp white flesh. Good shape, strong tops, and slow to pith.
  2. 0800011 (Treated)

    AAS Winner! Late to get pithy. Strong tops for upland soils. Good for bunching and shipping.
  3. 0800077U (Untreated)

    Deep purple‐burgundy colored cotyledons and reddish‐white stem. Darkest of any of the red sprouting varieties. Spicy taste rich in nutritional substances and only 17 calories per ¼ pound serving.
  4. New
    0800098 (Treated)

    Unique watermelon type radish. Rosy pink interior, white exterior with excellent color contrast. Recommended for summer plantings and fall harvest. Mild radish flavor with crisp, juicy texture. Upright bright green tops with strong attachment. ...

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