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  1. 0800018 (Treated)

    Extra slow bolting for spring and fall harvest. Very late to get pithy. 12-18" long roots.
  2. 0800011 (Treated)

    AAS Winner! Late to get pithy. Strong tops for upland soils. Good for bunching and shipping.
  3. 0800016 (Treated)

    Crisp flesh holds well. Rarely pithy or woody even when large. Hybrid Cherry Belle type with increased uniformity and size.
  4. 0800094 (Treated)

    Excellent shape, uniformity, and white internal quality with attractive dark red skin. Very high recovery and slow to pith. Ideal for multi‐purpose bunch or cello.
  5. 0800045 (Treated)

    Excellent uniformity and quality in all production areas, spring or fall harvest. High pack-out rate. Excellent tops for bunching or machine-pulled cellos.
  6. 0800022U (Untreated)

    Mild flavored winter radish with fast growing leaves. Enjoy as sprouts to add a pungent and peppery flavor. Roots can grow 2-3" in diameter and up to 20" long.
  7. 0800082 (Treated)

    Very uniform and productive. Suitable for pre-packing and bunching. Thick skin with excellent internal bulb quality. Tolerant to splitting and pith.

    Disease Resistant Codes Ar Pp Rs

  8. 0800081 (Treated)

    A superior "White Icicle" type radish with excellent color and uniformity. Short leaves, rapid growth and spicy taste. Has 4‐4.75" long, cone shaped roots.
  9. 0800036 (Treated)

    Hybrid production of uniform, intense red roots. Tops slightly taller than Cherriette. High pack-out potential.

  10. Dependable radish for summer harvest with 12 to 18" roots.

    Disease Resistant Codes For Heat

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