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Hybrid Hot Specialty Pepper

Hybrid Hot Specialty Pepper


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  1. 0750507 (Treated)

    High yields of smooth, glossy, dark yellow-orange fruit on a large bush type plant. Has slightly less, yet still fiery, pungency compared to Ghost (bhut jolokia). Golden ghost grows much better in open fields and has improved flavor.
  2. New
    0750596 (Treated)

    AAS Winner! Crunchy and crisp with delicate floral scent and rich flavor that intensifies and sweetens as it matures. In hot, dry climates, a small number of fruit will have a touch of heat close to the seed cavity but fruit wings are always swe...
  3. New
    0750579 (Treated)

    Large bush plant produces high yields of glossy fruit. Very high pungency like standard Ghost (Bhut Jolokia) with earlier maturity and improved yields.

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