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  1. E: Primed

  2. M: Pellets

  3. T: Treatment

    (This includes Standard Treatment)
  4. U: Untreated

  5. R: Encrusted

  6. G: Certified Organic

OP Bunching (Welsh) Onions


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  1. 0660092 (Treated)

    Deep green leaves, long white stem. Single stalk type. Best for summer harvest: displays good heat tolerance. Good for close planting. Easy to skin and bunch.

    Disease Resistant Codes Ap Pd Heat

  2. 0660050 (Treated)

    Long, narrow, single stalked variety. The best strain of Tokyo type with better long distance shipping qualities. Excellent through spring and late summer harvest.
  3. 0670141 (Treated)

    Excellent for summer/high heat harvest. Single stalk, strong tops, and a plant type that will not lodge. Exceptional variety and a must for commercial growers!

    Disease Resistant Codes Heat

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