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0260128 (Treated)

Features improved fruit quality and a comprehensive disease resistance package. Strong and vigorous plant to stand up to field stress and resist fruit cracking. Tight seed cavity with firm flesh.
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Disease Resistant Codes Sulfur Fom Px

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( "M" = 1000 seeds)
Type of Melon & Cantaloupe Hybrid Eastern Shipper Cantaloupe
Item Number 0260128
Flesh Color Orange
Net, Sutures Medium, Slight
Relative Days 73 (TP)
Resistance/Tolerance Fom0,1,2(HR), Px1,2(HR), 3,5(IR), S(T)
Rind Tan
Shape Slightly Oval
Size (Length x Diameter) 7.5 x 6.7"
Weight 5-6 lbs.

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