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  1. Relative Days: 57 (DS)
  2. Relative Days: Early (TP)
  3. Plant Characteristics: Small, Explosive Fruits Allow for Easy Triploid Harvest
  4. Plant Characteristics: Sturdy, Long, Aggressive, Small Leaf
  5. Fruit Characteristics: Small, Explosive Gray Fruits
  • $263 $264
Relative Days
  1. Early (TP) (01)
Plant Characteristics
  1. Sturdy, Long, Aggressive, Small Leaf (01)
Fruit Characteristics
  1. Light Green with Medium Green Veins (01)
  2. Small, Explosive Gray Fruits (01)

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  1. 0990213 (Treated)

    Offers a very early flowering date that make pollen available for the first female flowers produced by the hybrid triploid. It continues to flower well beyond the hybrid triploid.

    Disease Resistant Codes Co Fon

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