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  1. Category: Cabbage
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  1. 0250207 (Treated)

    Very uniform, dense red for summer and fall production. Medium frame, good wrap. Great yields of round, dark red cabbage!

    Disease Resistant Codes Tip Burn Foc

  2. 0250133 (Treated)

    Virtually the same features as Izalco but produced by (CMS) Cytoplasmic Male Sterility which benefits you with no inbreds. Same maturity, head quality, crack resistance and uniform size.

    Disease Resistant Codes Foc

  3. 0250185 (Treated)

    The first true storage red cabbage with Fusarium yellows race 1 resistance. Nice, round head, attractive dark red color, and fancy wrapper leaves. Strong vigor, good yield, and great for processing.

    Disease Resistant Codes Tt Foc

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