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  1. Category: Tomato
  2. Plant Characteristics: Determinate, Tall
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  1. 0950057UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    A premium, extra firm cherry tomato that holds, packs and ships better than others. High yields.

    Disease Resistant Codes V Fol

  2. 0950059U (Untreated)

    Produces large, attractive deep blocky globe shaped romas with high yield potential. Same fruit quality on a taller more vigorous plant than BHN 410 or 411, for growers that want a more extended harvest period, or need a stronger plant for weak...

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst

  3. 0950230UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Improved uniformity of shape, size, and better set than other grape tomato varieties. Vigorous bush with great cover.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fol

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