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  1. E: Primed

  2. M: Pellets

  3. T: Treatment

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  4. U: Untreated

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  1. Category: Pepper
  2. Relative Days: 58
  3. Relative Days: 65-73 (TP)
  4. Relative Days: Early to Mid (TP)
  5. Relative Days: Early (TP)
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Plant Characteristics
  1. Balanced Plant with Full Canopy (01)
  2. Compact, Medium (01)
  3. Compact, Medium Vigor, Strong, Upright (01)
  4. Excellent Fruit Cover (01)
  5. Vigorous, Erect (01)
Fruit Characteristics
  1. Green to Red (03)
  2. Green to Yellow (01)
  3. Yellow to Red (01)
Fruit Size (Length" x Diameter")
  1. 4-5" (01)
  2. 5.5 x 1.5 (01)
  3. 7" x 1.3" (01)
  4. Extra Large (01)
  5. Large to Extra-Large (01)
Scoville Rating
  1. 1,500 to 3,000 (01)
  2. 2,000 to 4,000 (01)
  3. 5,000 to 6,000 (01)

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  1. 0750007 (Treated)

    Excellent yields of highly uniform, marketable fruit even when making size is difficult. Continuous setting.
  2. 0750585 (Treated)

    Brilliant yellow color. Ideal variety for greenhouse, high tunnels, and open field production. Very adaptable.

    Disease Resistant Codes TM TSWV

  3. 0750349M (Treated, Pellet)

    Exceptionally dark green, smooth and glossy, 4‐lobed peppers. Produces a large percentage of extra large fruit. Early concentrated set.

    Disease Resistant Codes TEV Xcv TMV

  4. 0750547 (Treated)

    High quality, attractive, creamy yellow, early maturing variety exhibits very uniform fruit. Vigorous plant, concentrated fruit set and excellent yield potential. Ideal for fresh market and processing.
  5. 0740039U (Untreated)

    Light yellow to orange-red, smooth fruits on upright plants.
  6. 0750576 (Treated)

    Glossy‐skinned, blocky fruit. Broad disease package reduces field risk while its early, concentrated sets of jumbo and extra large fruit give producers a fast return on investment.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcv TSWV

  7. 0750620U (Untreated)

    Excellent yield potential on a sturdy midcompact plant. Very early maturing, suited for multiple harvests. Thrives in hot summer.
  8. 0750598 (Treated)

    Dark, glossy green extra large to jumbo anthocyaninless fruit. High quality for place pack segment. Well adapted for all planting slots. Stacked disease resistance package.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcv TSWV TMV

  9. 0750358 (Treated)

    Very large, very dark green, and very thick walled with a pleasant pungency for markets where a larger Jalapeno is preferred.

    Disease Resistant Codes PepMoV PVY Xcv

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