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  1. Category: Pepper
  2. Fruit Size (Length" x Diameter"): 4" x 1.5"
  • $39 $63
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  1. 0750111 (Treated)

    High-quality fruits are darker green with thicker walls, smaller cavity, and more cylindrical shape. Ideal for both fresh and processing markets.

    Disease Resistant Codes TEV PVY Xcv

  2. 0750390 (Treated)

    Long, dark green, cylindrical shaped jalapeno pepper designed for processing. Thick walls, great recovery when "nacho" sliced.

    Disease Resistant Codes PVY TM

  3. 0750261 (Treated)

    Strong, vigorous, continuous setting plant with large dark green shiny fruit which tend not to crack or purple. Strong performance in Southeastern USA.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcv

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