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  1. Category: Hybrid Specialty Cucumber
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  1. 0400113 (Treated)

    Vigorous and productive plant habit. Fruit is dark green and has excellent shelf life. Suited to cooler temperatures. Intermediate maturity.

    Disease Resistant Codes CVYV Px Ccu

  2. Attractive, dark green, blocky fruits have excellent flavor for fresh eating or pickling. High yields on vigorous plant with consistent fruit setting. Parthenocarpic.

    Disease Resistant Codes Cca CVYV Ccu CMV Px

  3. 0400124 (Treated)

    Early and exceptionally productive. Outstanding sweetness, crisp flesh, and a shiny dark green color.

    Disease Resistant Codes PRSV WMV Px CMV ZYMV

  4. Extremely high quality, prolific yields and fantastic taste for this Middle Eastern type cucumber that is designed to be trellised in greenhouses and high tunnel productive culture.

    Disease Resistant Codes CVYV Px CMV ZYMV

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