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  1. 8" (04)
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  1. 16 (02)
  2. 16-18 (03)

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  1. 0030128T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Synergistic variety with excellent eating quality! Strong tip fill, good husk cover and great flag leaves.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst Ps

  2. 0030044T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Superb eating quality. Dark green husks and easy to pick. Bicolor Bodacious type.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst

  3. 0030036T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Attractive, blunt bi-color ear. Excellent plant and package. Tastes fantastic!

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst Ps Et

  4. 0040162T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Availability: Sold Out
    High yielding with uniform, full tipped ears that have good kernel contrast and rowing. Exceptional snap, ease in packing and holding power. Its sweetness and bite are truly unique!
  5. 0020104T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Good emergence and early vigor. Superhigh eating quality, glossy yellow kernels in straight rows with excellent tip fill.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst

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