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Item Number Codes:
  1. E: Primed

  2. M: Pellets

  3. T: Treatment

    (This includes Standard Treatment)
  4. U: Untreated

  5. R: Encrusted

  6. G: Certified Organic

Hybrid Napa Cabbage


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  1. 0240049 (Treated)

    Vigorous and extra slow to bolt. A proven performer! Recommended for Summer to early Winter harvest.

    Disease Resistant Codes Hb (ex Pp/ Hp)

  2. 0240057 (Treated)

    Attractive, medium-sized barrel shaped heads, well wrapped and uniform. Ships well.

    Disease Resistant Codes TuMV Tip Burn

  3. 0250092 (Treated)

    Excellent quality and superior results in the difficult cool/warm harvest period when other varieties may bolt. Vigorous growing with good heading ability. Replaces Spring Flavor!

    Disease Resistant Codes Hb (ex Pp/ Hp)

  4. 0250184 (Treated)

    Increase yield potential with excellent field holding ability and less susceptible to internal black specks. Good bolting tolerance with harvest flexibility. Suitable for harvest late spring to late summer.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pb

  5. 0240081 (Treated)

    Good uniformity and size with some tolerance to pepperspot and resistance to clubroot.

    Disease Resistant Codes Tip Burn Xca

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