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  1. 0250209 (Treated)

    Large, solid, uniform heads. Works best in the spring slot. Widely adapted.

    Disease Resistant Codes Foc Heat

  2. 0240105 (Treated)

    Dark green wrapper leaves, good wax layer. Vigorous, high yielding variety for fresh salads. Long term storage.

    Disease Resistant Codes Foc

  3. 0250013 (Treated)

    Slate blue to blue-green hybrid with very uniform round/semi-round heads.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcc Foc

  4. 0240017 (Treated)

    Widely adapted in warmer regions. Slow bolting. Solid, uniform heads, erect frames.

    Disease Resistant Codes Tip Burn Foc

  5. 0240049 (Treated)

    Vigorous and extra slow to bolt. A proven performer! Recommended for Summer to early Winter harvest.

    Disease Resistant Codes Hb (ex Pp/ Hp)

  6. 0250205 (Treated)

    Very suitable for early cropping. Strong against bolting and cracking.
  7. 0250207 (Treated)

    Very uniform, dense red for summer and fall production. Medium frame, good wrap. Great yields of round, dark red cabbage!

    Disease Resistant Codes Tip Burn Foc

  8. 0250134 (Treated)

    Very uniform in size, shape and maturity. Very high packout percentage relates to heavy yields. CMS seed production technique. Perfect for fresh market and processing markets.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcc Foc

  9. 0240012 (Treated)

    Solid, compact. Classy appearance. Widely adapted. Holds well.

    Disease Resistant Codes Tip Burn Foc

  10. 0240015 (Treated)

    Large, solid, uniform heads have a short core and good wrappers. Vigorous.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcc Foc

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