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Brussels Sprouts


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  1. 0220021U (Untreated)

    Earliest of the three Kalettes® varieties, maturing from October through November. Superb vigor, produces high yields, easy to harvest. Develops a great sweet and nutty flavor as the season progresses.
  2. 0220018 (Treated)

    Early variety has high yielding, compact plants. Beautifully shaped, dark green sprouts have a fairly mild taste.

    Disease Resistant Codes Foc

  3. 0220024 (Treated)

    High‐quality, unique blue‐green sprouts with excellent shelf life and high yields.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bolting

  4. 0220009 (Treated)
    • AAS Winner

    AAS Winner! Extra early, widely adapted variety. Fresh market or garden.
  5. 0220001 (Treated)
    • AAS Winner

    Extra early, widely adapted variety. Fresh market or garden.
  6. 0220015U (Untreated)

    Specialty variety producing red sprouts which improve in color after cold weather.

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