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  1. 0180038 (Treated)

    Good root quality, uniform size and shape. High marketable yield. Smooth skin, good internal and external color.
  2. 0180012 (Treated)

    Shapes early into smooth, round dark red globe roots with a small crown and a refined tap root. Excellent for bunching. Late bolting.

    Disease Resistant Codes Rs Drought Ps Cb

  3. 0180026 (Treated)

    Early, extremely uniformly round, high-yielding beet with very high sugar content (14-15%). Superior taste! Used for highest quality processing and fresh market topped beet production.

    Disease Resistant Codes Drought Ps Cb

  4. 0180001 (Treated)

    Uniform, early maturity, heavy yields. Consistent interior color, sweet, tender roots. Full globe shape with a smooth tap root.

    Disease Resistant Codes Cb

  5. 0180010 (Treated)

    Monogerm. Very early, improved uniformity, refined globe shape.

    Disease Resistant Codes Rs Drought Ps Cb

  6. 0180040 (Treated)

    Half long cylindrical shape fruit with good flavor and high yields. Dark red, smooth roots with little to no zoning. Small crowns and tap roots.

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