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Item Number Codes:
  1. E: Primed

  2. M: Pellets

  3. T: Treatment

    (This includes Standard Treatment)
  4. U: Untreated

  5. R: Encrusted

  6. G: Certified Organic

Green Bush Beans


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  1. 0160153T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Early maturing, high yield potential, broad regional adaptability. Consistent pod quality. Great for first-early, back-fill or double-crop use. Demonstrates reliable performance in hot and cold environments.

    Disease Resistant Codes BCMV Pss

  2. 0160135T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Fancy pods that set well on compact yet upright plants. Good resistance to lodging under high fertility conditions. Best in Spring slot/Summer heat.
  3. 0160141 (Treated)

    A main season bean with very dark pods. Bush is sturdy and compact. Pods run 20% 3 sieve, 80% 4 sieve. Highly resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus.
  4. 0160142 (Treated)

    Mid-early to early bean very well suited for warmer climates with good heat tolerance. Very concentrated setting of 5-6" long pods on a medium erect plant.
  5. 0160011T (Cruiser or equivalent)
    • AAS Winner

    AAS Winner! Excellent flavor. A bush version of Kentucky Wonder.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bm Et Ps Pst

  6. 0160177T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    A true 2 sieve size french filet with long, thin pods. Seed development is slow and has a long shelf life. Excellent disease package.

    Disease Resistant Codes Psp Ua BCMV Cl Pss

  7. 0160163 (Treated)

    Performs well in warmer climates. Tall, erect bush produces straight, shiny dark green pods. High percentage of 4 sieve pods, suitable for multiple hand harvests.

    Disease Resistant Codes BCMV

  8. 0160134T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Improved darker color and exceptionally sweet flavor and tenderness. Upright structure minimizes curling and tip rot.

    Disease Resistant Codes Ua BCMV

  9. 0160116 (Treated)

    Early maturing, produces beans in clusters over a long season. Great taste and texture.
  10. 0160151 (Treated)

    Produces concentrated sets of straight pods on an upright, bush type plant. Widely adapted to most growing regions. Consistent performer with high stress tolerance.

    Disease Resistant Codes BCMV

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