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0260097 (Treated)

Large uniform size, with improved weight, interior color, and smaller cavity than the current Eastern Cantaloupe market leading variety. Firm flesh, ships well and tastes great.
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Disease Resistant Codes Fom Et Ps Px Pst

Product QTY Unit price
( "M" = 1000 seeds)
Type of Melon & Cantaloupe Hybrid Eastern Shipper Cantaloupe
Item Number 0260097
Flesh Color Deep Orange
Net, Sutures Coarse, Minor
Relative Days 75 (TP)
Resistance/Tolerance Fom0,1,2(HR), Px1,2(HR)
Rind Color Tan
Shape Oval
Size (Length x Diameter) 7.25 x 8.75"
Weight 6-7.5 lbs.

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