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  1. 0500113U (Untreated)

    Slightly cupped to flat, 3" leaves with a somewhat spicier flavor than traditional pesto types. The leaf shape and more open habit make this variety less susceptible to basil downy mildew pressure.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pb

  2. 0180026 (Treated)

    Early, extremely uniformly round, high-yielding beet with very high sugar content (14-15%). Superior taste! Used for highest quality processing and fresh market topped beet production.

    Disease Resistant Codes Drought Ps Cb

  3. 0280032 (Treated)

    Very smooth. Upright, strong tops are attached well. Vigorous, tolerates frost. Very sweet.

    Disease Resistant Codes Eh Ad

  4. 0160141 (Treated)


    A main season bean with very dark pods. Bush is sturdy and compact. Pods run 20% 3 sieve, 80% 4 sieve. Highly resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus.

  5. 0180033 (Treated)

    Outstanding golden beet that produces uniformly round roots with smooth, bright orange skin and vivid golden interior. Golden color retains when cooked.
  6. 0160110T (Cruiser or equivalent)


    Darker green, fancy, slender pods are straight and well-positioned for mechanical harvest. Pod sets are concentrated and set well in heat.

    Disease Resistant Codes Ua BCMV

  7. 0240015 (Treated)

    Large, solid, uniform heads have a short core and good wrappers. Vigorous.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcc Foc

  8. 0030133T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Excellent emergence and vigor on a sturdy plant. Best early eating quality with a nice ear and solid tip fill.
  9. 0200074 (Treated)

    Extends into cool harvest periods with its dense, firm and small beaded head with no purpling. Excellent quality.
  10. 0400139T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Maximize your yield potential with strong, multi‐virus resistant vines. Excellent dark color, uniform size, and classy appearance provide for a very high pack‐out.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pcu Ccu CMV Co PRSV Psl Px WMV ZYMV

  11. 0040150T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Great eating quality, tender and sweet. Excellent yield and tip fill. Perfect for shipping or fresh market.

    Disease Resistant Codes Ps Et

  12. 0400103T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Dominator is dark green with exceptional size and shape. Dependable, widely adapted to all growing areas. Outstanding quality, consistent production and high yields. Will dominate the market because it is that good.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pcu Ccu CMV Co Psl Px

  13. 0420042E (Treated, Primed)

    Medium sized, uniform oval shape and purple-black color. Very firm for shipping market and will receive in distant markets with excellent quality. Plants and fruit are spineless!
  14. 0030127T (Cruiser or equivalent)
    • Perfomance Series
    • Roundup-Ready

    Synergistic mainseason variety with a classy ear, high eating quality, and below ground protection for Corn Rootworm. Proven to have dual modes of action for insect protection against European Corn Borer, Corn Earworm, Fall Armyworm and weed control ...

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst Ps Et

  15. 0040130T (Cruiser or equivalent)
    • Perfomance Series
    • Roundup-Ready

    Availability: Sold Out
    All the traits that have made Obsession a market leader with the addition of below ground protection for Corn Rootworm. Proven to have dual modes of action for insect protection against European Corn Borer, Corn Earworm, Fall Armyworm and weed contro...

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst Ps Et

  16. 0040133T (Cruiser or equivalent)
    • Perfomance Series
    • Roundup-Ready

    Great taste, better husk appearance and cover than EX 08767143 with the addition of below ground protection for Corn Rootworm. Proven to have dual modes of action for insect protection against European Corn Borer, Corn Earworm, Fall Armyworm and weed...

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst Ps Et

  17. 0780201 (Treated)

    Beautiful dark orange skin with deep sutures, and uniform fruit make this improved miniature pumpkin perfect for fall decoration.

    Disease Resistant Codes Px

  18. 0070063 (Treated)

    Productive hybrid ornamental corn perfectly sized for wholesale shipping or retail stands. Classy, vibrant colors.
  19. 0580042E (Treated, Primed)

    Earlier maturing Blue Green Autumn type hybrid that has displayed excellent commerical production in all leek growing regions. Superior in uniformity, color, and yield with modern plant style.
  20. 0500007 (Treated)

    Heavy, dark green dill foliage and umbels. Variety used for warmer conditions.
  21. 0890031T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Consistent, outstanding yields of smooth-skinned fruit. Fewer spines reduce fruit damage during harvest.
  22. 0300053 (Treated)

    Vigorous CMS variety with wide leaves, a healthy appearance and excellent uniformity. Due to the fairly tight foliage cover, it is easy to tie and harvest. The curd is very dense and firm with an attractive white color.
  23. 0780213T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    A perfect medium to large Jack-O-Lantern that has intermediate powdery mildew resistance to help ensure your crop will develop to full maturity with strong, green handles.

    Disease Resistant Codes Px

  24. 0750389 (Treated)

    Tremendous yields and excellent quality. Straight, uniform, thick-walled fruit with main season maturity and superior recovery in number of marketable fruit and overall weight.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcv TMV

  25. 0950164UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Great disease package perfect for the Southeastern U.S. Recommended for Spring, gas green or vine ripe production. Good, firm fruit with uniform green shoulders.

    Disease Resistant Codes TSWV Fol V

  26. 0750402 (Treated)

    High yielding with good size, fruit quality, and pungency. Vigorous, tall plant has continuous set of large, dark green, smooth fruit.

    Disease Resistant Codes Ma Mi Mj TEV PVY Pc

  27. 0890191T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Widely adaptable, high yielding zucchini that has very high quality medium green fruit with light flecking. Strong semi-open plant with an excellent disease resistance package.

    Disease Resistant Codes WMV Px CMV ZYMV

  28. 0260028 (Treated)

    Consistent, high packouts of excellent quality fruits. Very thick, firm flesh. Good shipper.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fom Px Sulfur

  29. 0950139U (Untreated)

    Great taste and flavor! High yielding, high quality tomato for vine-ripe production or roadside stands. Excellent for use in high tunnels.

    Disease Resistant Codes Cracking ToMV Fol V

  30. 0890135 (Treated)

    Exceptional uniformity of size and shape. Thick necks, small seed cavity. Smooth exterior. Excellent for boxing or peeling.
  31. 0890149T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Consistently the number one hybrid spaghetti squash in our trials. Very uniform size and shape with good color. Restricted vine.
  32. 0260066 (Treated)

    Early maturing with large size. Fruits have thick, firm flesh with good flavor.

    Disease Resistant Codes Sulfur Fom Px

  33. 0990115 (Treated)

    Large with excellent internal quality. Seeds are small, flesh is firm, and dark red. Early maturing for use as a triploid pollinator.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fon Co

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  34. 0780113T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Amazingly strong, dark 2-3" handles ranging 4-5" long make this a winner. Moderate PM tolerance.

    Disease Resistant Codes Px

  35. 0980001 (Treated)

    Very sweet flesh with excellent quality. Abundant yields. Widely adapted.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fon Co

    Waiver/Agreement Required

  36. 0780184T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    This early variety is very productive on a full vine. Very large, tall, and excellent dark orange color fruit with gorgeous handles.

    Disease Resistant Codes Px

  37. 0750333 (Treated)

    Produces a continuous set of large to extra large 3-4 lobed fruit on a medium sized manageable plant. Resistant to bacteria leaf spot 1-5, intermediate resistance to phytophthora, and is anthocyaninless; no purpling!

    Disease Resistant Codes Pc Xcv

  38. 0750549 (Treated)

    Provides industry leading quality and yield potential with a strong agronomic package that includes improved Phytophthora resistance.

    Disease Resistant Codes TM Pc Xcv

  39. 0780123T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Very attractive, dark orange color with embedded thick, dark stems. Exceptionally uniform size and shape with a superior yield. The best Jack-O-Lanterns you've ever grown!

    Disease Resistant Codes Px

  40. 0740029 (Treated)

    Very heavy set, thick walls and enormous fruit size offer tremendous yield potentials. Anthocyaninless.

    Disease Resistant Codes PVY TM Xcv

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