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CASH/CHECK: A 1% discount is allowed on prepaid seed orders over $500.00 if paid by cash, business or personal check, money order, cashier's check, or wire transfer. Discounts are not allowed on freight charges. Prepayment discounts may not be applicable for all seed orders.

CREDIT CARD: We accept VISA and MASTERCARD. Discounts are not allowed on order paid by credit card.

C.O.D.: We do not accept C.O.D. (cash on delivery).

WIRE TRANSFER: A $35.00 fee applies to each wire transfer payment received.

CREDIT TERMS: To establish credit terms, a credit application must be completed and submitted to our main facility for review. To request a credit application, please contact customer service at 800-962-4999 or email customerservice.us@stokeseeds.com. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks to process.

JOHN DEERE FINANCING (JDF): We accept JDF at the time of order. Please review the John Deere Financing section for details on the program availability and limitations.Click here for details of the program.

DUE DATES: Payment in full is expected on or before the due date indicated on the invoice, not from the statement date.

PAST DUE ACCOUNTS: Past due accounts will be charged a late payment fee of the lesser of 2% per month (minimum $3/month) or the maximum amount allowed by law. 

RETURNED CHECKS: A fee of $40.00 will be charged for any returned checks. Collection fees and/or legal expenses, including costs of any lawsuit, will be charged to any overdue/past due accounts to the extent permitted by law.

TAX: We currently require customers in the following states to remit tax with their order. NY, NJ, MI, MO, PA, WI, IN and GA. Recent changes in state tax laws may require us to collect tax in states other than those listed without notice.


STANDARD:  Seed orders are shipped free of charge for standard shipping in the continental United States and Canada.  Freight charges will apply outside these areas. Orders with a value under $500 will be charged $10 for Packaging and Handling.
EXPEDITED SHIPPING:  Freight charges will apply to orders for any expedited shipping requests such as: next day air, 2nd day air, or 3rd day select.
PALLET FEE:  A $12.00 per pallet fee will be applied to orders shipped by LTL truck.
DAMAGED SHIPMENTS:  Only a small percentage of material is damaged during shipping, but be prepared to take action in order to receive proper credit or replacement. Customer Service will assist you by filing a claim with the freight company and will need accurate information. Please observe the following steps (exactly and promptly) to have your claim accepted.
1.  Take time when unloading. Count the pieces. Look for any damaged goods. Ask your driver to note any shortage or damage on all copies of the freight bill and sign driver’s name clearly…no initials.
2.  Immediately contact our main facility (800-962-4999) and fax a copy of the freight bill (with damage noted) to 877-994-0333, or mail it Stokes Seeds Inc., 13031 Reflections Drive Holland, MI 49424 within 10 days.
3.  Enclose a note indicating the name and quantity of each variety that is missing or damaged.


All returns must be authorized by our main office for your account to receive credit. We have no control over the environment in which the seed is stored after leaving our premises. For the protection of all of our customers, we will not accept seed returns for any reason other than an error on our part in filling your seed order (please contact our main facility within 10 days).  Opened containers cannot be returned for any reason. The main facility reserves the right to charge a 15% restocking fee plus freight if we accept any seed returns that were not an error on our part.


All items offered are subject to crop failure, shortages or other causes beyond our control. We will send the closest available substitute to complete your order unless you advise us otherwise.


MOST SEEDS ARE TREATED FOR NON-ORGANIC COMMERCIAL GROWERS. See price lists for untreated/treated options or visit www.stokeseeds.com.

  • Prices are in U.S. dollars and must be payable in U.S. funds.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • $250.00 minimum order amount required.
  • Quantities ordered must be in multiples of the minimum price level offered for that item.
  • Don’t forget to sign and return the waiver/agreement forms in the back of the catalog for Attribute Sweet Corn, Porcelain Doll Pumpkin, GE squash, and all watermelon purchases.


Please Read This Live Product Warranty Before Ordering Our Seed.

NOTE: Seed is a live product which depends on many important related grower skills such as proper planting time, seed depth, type of soil, irrigation, proper use of fertilizers, weed controls, fungicides, insecticides, disease free soil, and reasonable weather conditions during the growing period. These factors are totally out of the seedsman’s control and are the grower’s responsibility and risk. Our seed cannot be unconditionally guaranteed to perform properly - regardless of weather conditions or the grower’s methods or mistakes.

Notice to Buyer - Stokes Warranty and Conditions of Sale

Stokes Seeds Ltd., and/or Stokes Seeds Inc., and/or Semences Stokes Ltée., and their suppliers, (herein after collectively referred to as the vendor “Stokes”) warrants that the seed it sells conforms to the label description as required by Provincial and/or State and Federal Seed Laws. Stokes limits its warranty to the full amount of the purchase price of such seeds. STOKES MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES, GUARANTEES OR CONDITIONS EXPRESS OR IMPLIED OF THE MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR OTHERWISE OF THE SEED SOLD BY IT OR THE CROPS GROWN FROM SUCH SEEDS. It is recognized that a mistake or human error can be made in the production, processing or packaging of such seed, therefore, in any event, direct or consequential on account of any negligence whatsoever - IF A BREACH OF WARRANTY, CONDITION OR CONTRACT OCCURS WITH RESPECT TO SUCH SEEDS - THAT IN NO CASE SHALL STOKES BE LIABLE FOR MORE THAN THE PRICE ACTUALLY INVOICED AND/OR PAID FOR SUCH SEEDS BY THE PURCHASER TO THE VENDOR AND/OR THE VENDOR’S AGENT. As a condition to any liability, Stokes must receive notice by registered mail of any claim that the seed is defective within 30 days after the defect in the seed became apparent. Stokes has based the prices of its seeds on this limited warranty and limited liability and these prices would be much higher if further liability coverage were required. These warranties and limitations of liability may not be altered or amended except by an instrument in writing executed by duly authorized officers of Stokes and stamped with the company seal. By acceptance of such seeds, the Purchaser of such seeds acknowledges that this limited warranty and disclaimer herein before described, are conditions of sale and that they constitute the entire agreement between the Vendor and the Purchaser regarding warranty and/or any other liability or conditions. IF THIS LIMITED WARRANTY AND GUARANTEE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO THE PURCHASER AS A CONDITION OF SALE - THEN THE PURCHASER MUST NOT PLANT THE SEEDS AND MUST RETURN THE SEEDS IN THEIR ORIGINAL UNOPENED PACKAGE, and the purchase funds shall be refunded.


Under the seed laws of several states, arbitration, mediation or conciliation is required as a prerequisite to maintaining a legal action based upon the failure of seed to which this notice is attached to produce as represented. The consumer shall file a complaint (sworn for AL, AR, CO, FL, IN, MN, MS, SC, TX, WA; signed only CA, GA, ID, MT, ND, NV, RI, SD) along with the required filing fee (where applicable) with the Commissioner/Director/Secretary of Agriculture, Seed Commissioner, or Chief Agricultural Officer within such time as to permit inspection of the crops, plants or trees by the designated agency and the seedsman from whom the seed was purchased. A copy of the complaint shall be sent to the seller by certified or registered mail or as otherwise provided by state statute.




We want to advise you that in several areas of the United States, a bacterial disease that has been named Watermelon Fruit Blotch, has caused severe damage to some crops. The causal organism and method of infection have not been definitively identified and possible methods of control are not available. Stokes Seeds makes no claim or representation that any watermelon seed it supplies is resistant or tolerant to Watermelon Fruit Blotch. Accordingly, Stokes Seeds, its agents and suppliers will not assume any liability for any watermelon seed sold by Stokes Seeds. A CUSTOMER SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED TO CONFIRM AGREEMENT TO THESE CONDITIONS PRIOR TO SHIPMENT OF WATERMELON SEEDS.


Varietal descriptions within this catalog have been prepared as a guideline only. They are given for comparison purposes to help growers plan a crop planting program and can be expected to vary in some degree depending upon geographic location, soil type, climatic conditions, and cultural practices. The information on relative maturity expressed as "days" or "days from transplant" is given only as a guide, as the actual maturity may vary considerably with conditions. Varietal illustrations in this catalog are the result of favorable growing conditions and identical results are not guaranteed. Color illustrations may not be 100% accurate, due to color translation from the original photograph to film to print, and due to different light sources at the time the photographs were taken.


Stokes Seeds respects your privacy. When you visit our website you may be providing information to us and we want you to be aware of how we may use that information. We do not sell, lend or give your e-mail address to outside third parties. We do not reveal credit card information to any third party other than those parties necessary to complete the financial transaction.

We do not supply third parties information regarding your visit to our site or even the fact you did visit our site. We may use cookies from time to time for the sole purpose of measuring the performance and use of our web site. Information gathered is for the sole purpose of improving our site and will not be made available to any third party.

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