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Hybrid Pollenizers for Triploid Watermelons See Prices

Variety Descriptions
Item#VarietyRelative DaysPlant CharacteristicsFruit CharacteristicsResistance/
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ACEEarlySturdy, Long, Aggressive, Small LeafLight Green with Medium Green Stripes This variety was developed as a non-harvestable pollenizer in the production of seedless watermelon. It produces long, thin, very sturdy vines with small leaves. The plant habit is ideal as it brings the pollenizer into close proximity with the triploid without creating competition. It blooms profusely, thus providing an abundance of pollen over a more extended period compared to traditional pollenizers.
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MINIPOOLEarlyVigorous Vines, Standard Leaf4.5 lbs. Round, Light Green Rind Developed by Hazera to be used as a pollinizer for seedless watermelon. Distinguishable from Crimson, Dark, and Allsweet rind type seedless varieties because of its distinctive light green rind and small size.
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POLIMAXEarly Male FlowersVigorous, Non-competing VinesRound, 6-9 lbs., Gray Rind Vigorous vine, multiple branching, produces more flowers than a diploid pollinator. Small leaves, does not compete with triploid's vine or fruit. Has a distinguishable unique gray rind pattern which makes it easy to identify and leave in the field.
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POLLEN PROEarlyVigorous, Lacy, Non-competing VinesSmall Brittle Rind, Gray with Thin StripesCo(IR), Fon(IR)Vigorous, lacy vines and small non-harvestable fruit are virtually noncompetitive with triploid crop. More than adequately pollinated with an early set and long duration of pollinating flowers.
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SP-175 (TP)Vigorous, Non-competing Vines3-7 lbs., Light Green, Brittle Rind Multi-branched, thin vine plant with lacey type leaves. Super Pollenizerô grows over the top of commercial seedless varieties and produces pollen over an extended period of time with no "dedicated plant space" required in the field. Plant is non-competitive.
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WDT8993EarlyAggressive, Non-competing VinesSolid Light Green, Yellow Fruit Easily recognizable from harvestable fruit with prolific, non-competing vines for maximum pollination of seedless watermelon.
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment