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Hybrid Triploid (Seedless) Watermelon Jubilee types See Descriptions

In order to better serve our customers, Siegers Seed Company has a minimum order amount of $250 (not including packaging and handling). Orders for less than that amount will not be processed. Thank you for your cooperation.
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment

Other kinds of Watermelon:

Hybrid Diploid (Seeded) Watermelon Allsweet types
Hybrid Diploid (Seeded) Watermelon Crimson Sweet types
Hybrid Diploid (Seeded) Watermelon Sugar Baby types
Hybrid Diploid (Seeded) Watermelon Yellow Flesh types
Hybrid Pollenizers for Triploid Watermelons
Hybrid Triploid (Seedless) Watermelon Colored Flesh types
Hybrid Triploid (Seedless) Watermelon Crimson Sweet types
Hybrid Triploid (Seedless) Watermelon Dark Stripe types
Hybrid Triploid (Seedless) Watermelon Mini types
Hybrid Triploid (Seedless) Watermelon Sugar Baby types
OP Diploid (Seeded) Watermelon

Other Species: