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Hybrid Diploid (Seeded) Watermelon Allsweet types See Prices

Variety Descriptions
Item#VarietyRelative DaysSizeShapeRindFlesh ColorResistance/
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CAMPECHE80-90 (TP)24 lbs.ElongatedDark Green with Light Green StripesAttractive RedCo(IR), Fon1(IR)Larger in girth than others in it's class. Strong vines and wide leaves for fruit protection. Elongated shape and uniform in size. Good disease resistance.
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DURATION80 (TP)20-24 lbs.OblongDark Green with Light Green StripesDeep RedCo(IR), Fon(IR)Very consistant size and shape. Excellent adaptability and high yields in all growing areas. Superior quality inside and out!
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ESTRELLA85 (TP)20-24 lbs.Long, BlockyDark Green with Broken Light Green StripesDark RedCo1(IR), Fon1(IR)Large with excellent internal quality. Seeds are small, flesh is firm, and dark red. Early maturing for use as a triploid pollinator.
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88 (TP)23-27 lbs.Long, BlockyDark Green with Light Green StripesBright, Deep RedCo(IR), Fon(IR)Excellent shape, uniformity and flavor. Flesh has nice, firm texture.
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MARDI GRAS88 (TP)21-24 lbs.Cylindrical, ElongatedDark Green with Light Green StripesBright RedCo(IR), Fon(IR)Widely adapted hybrid consistently delivers high yields of uniformly shaped fruit.
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ROYALTYEarly (TP)22-26 lbs.OblongDark Green with Pale Green StripesDeep Red Early maturing, excellent uniformity and taste. Makes a very good pollinator with an extended flowering period.
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SANGRIA87 (TP)20-23 lbs.ElongatedDark Green with Light Green StripesDeep RedCo(IR), Fon(IR)Very sweet flesh with excellent quality. Abundant yields. Widely adapted.
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SENTINEL85-90 (TP)22-28 lbs.Blocky-OblongDark Green with Dark Wide StripesBright Red Extremely uniform, high yielding, widely adaptable. Fresh market or shipping.
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STARGAZER85 (TP)24-28 lbs.ElongatedDark Green with Light Green StripesRedCo1(IR)Higher potential for uniform fruit than other Allsweet types. Planting seed is large. Excellent pollinator for Triploid Crimson types.
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment

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