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Extra-Large Pumpkins See Descriptions

In order to better serve our customers, Siegers Seed Company has a minimum order amount of $250 (not including packaging and handling). Orders for less than that amount will not be processed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Prices by Seed Count

 (one "M" = 1000 seeds)
Item#Variety100 sds 250 sds 1 M 3 M (per M)30 M (per M)75 M (per M)
Add item to cart 780193BIG MOOSE   (Hybrid)$44.50$76.00$226.80$218.40$214.20$210.00
Add item to cart 780145CAPTAIN JACK   (Hybrid)--$24.00$70.60$66.70$62.00$60.33
Add item to cart 780145TCAPTAIN JACK   (Hybrid)--$26.00$76.85$72.60$67.50$65.66
Add item to cart 780178PHAT JACK II   (Hybrid)--$19.00$55.80$52.70$49.00$47.65
Add item to cart 780178TPHAT JACK II   (Hybrid)--$21.00$62.20$58.75$54.65$53.15
Add item to cart 780006PRIZEWINNER   (Hybrid)$75.00$129.00$384.55$370.35$363.20$356.06
Add item to cart 780121WORLD OF COLOR   (Hybrid)$52.00$89.50$266.05$256.20$251.25$246.30

Prices by Weight

Item#Variety1 oz 1/4 lb 1 lb 5 lb (per lb)20 lb (per lb)
Add item to cart 780031ATLANTIC GIANT  $12.00$32.05$95.60$92.05$88.50
Add item to cart 780124TCONESTOGA SPECIAL  SOLD OUT----------
Add item to cart 780118UFIRST PRIZE   (Hybrid)$11.00$29.50$88.05$84.80$81.50
Add item to cart 780081TPHAT JACK  $13.00$36.20$108.00$104.00$100.00
Add item to cart 780081UPHAT JACK  $11.00$30.15$90.00$86.65$83.30
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment

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