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Variety Descriptions
Item#VarietyRelative DaysSizeShapeTexturePlant TypeResistance/
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BIG DADDY Click for explanation of symbol
115-12020-45 lbs.Tall/RoundMedium RibbingLarge VinePx(HR)Bright orange pumpkin with large, thick handles. High resistant to Powdery Mildew.
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BIG DORIS Click for explanation of symbol
100-10530-35 lbs.BarrelMedium RibbingVine Large uniform Jack-O-Lantern with thick, dark green handles and a burnt orange color with good setting ability. Unusual for the extra large size category.
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CAMARO PMR Click for explanation of symbol
11020-23 lbs.RoundSlight SuturesReduced VinesPx(HR)High level of Powdery Mildew resistance. Almost round with slight sutures. Vibrant orange color. Excellent handles, very uniform.
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CONESTOGA GIANT  Click for explanation of symbol
11022-40 lbs.Slightly TallMedium RibbingFull VinePx(IR)Amazingly strong, dark 2-3" handles ranging 4-5" long make this a winner. Moderate PM tolerance.
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CONESTOGA GIANT II Click for explanation of symbol
11022-40+ lbs.Tall/RoundMedium RibbingLarge VinePx(IR)Thicker and better handles than Conestoga Giant with excellent yield. Fruit size and shape may vary.
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CONNECTICUT FIELD10010-15 lbs., 12" diameter, 8-10" lengthFlat/RoundMedium RibbingVine Hard, smooth, all purpose, popular Jack O'Lantern. Good weight for the size.
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EARLY GIANT Click for explanation of symbol
(Hybrid)(ACX 1132)
9530+ lbs.Mostly TallMedium RibbingFull VinePx(IR)This early variety is very productive on a full vine. Very large, tall, and excellent dark orange color fruit with gorgeous handles.
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EARLY KING Click for explanation of symbol
9022-28 lbs.Slightly TallMedium RibbingFull VinePx(IR)Excellent thick handles, deep orange color, and very productive. Early maturity on a full vine with powdery mildew resistance.
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EL TORO Click for explanation of symbol
9525-35 lbs.BarrelDeep RibbingVinePx(IR)Very uniform in size and shape. Dark orange with large, thick, green embedded handles. Sets several large fruit per plant. Good yield potential.
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FREDDIE Click for explanation of symbol
11510"H x 12"W, 20-30 lbs.RoundMedium RibbingVinePx(IR)Large pumpkin with superior handles, color, uniform shape and overall appearance. Experience the difference, you will like "Freddie".
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GOLD MEDAL Click for explanation of symbol
9530-35 lbs.RoundModerate RibbingLarge Vine Very attractive size, color and shape for the retail market. Uniform, exceptional handles and a great yielder.
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GOLD RUSH Click for explanation of symbol12020-35 lbs.RoundMedium RibbingLarge Vine Handle is 4" long by nearly 3" thick. Attractive, heavy pumpkins keep well. Great color! Can be grown to a very large size.
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PHATSO II Click for explanation of symbol
11016"H x 14"W, 20-40 lbs.Tall, RoundModerate RibbingVigorous VinePx(IR)Slightly smaller than original Phatso, but with greater yield potential, better uniformity, and is the characteristic Phat Jack type. Has a thick, 2-3" dark green handle.
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PHATSO III Click for explanation of symbol
11030-40 lbs.Tall/RoundMedium RibbingVinePx(HR)Slightly larger and more uniform than Phatso II with smoother ribbing. Thick handles, 3-4" long. Great color with better PMT tolerance.
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment

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