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Hybrid White Supersweet types (sh2) See Prices

Variety Descriptions
Item#VarietyRelative DaysPlant HeightEar HeightEar LengthRow CountResistance/
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ACCELERATOR Click for explanation of symbol795.75'33"8"16Et(HR), Ps(HR), Pst(HR)Excellent package and tip fill. Good length and flags on a dark green husk. Heavy cover can help resist bird peck.
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DEVOTION Click for explanation of symbol827'27"8"16-18Pst(IR)Excellent shipper and roadside variety, due to superb eating quality. Improved yields, uniformity and consistency.
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EDEN New item for Siegers Seed Company! Click for explanation of symbol
766.3'24"8"16 High yielding and uniform with great tip fill and beautiful white kernels with even rowing. Exceptional quality of taste and texture!
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GLACIAL New item for Siegers Seed Company! Click for explanation of symbol
766'26"8"16-18 Incredible bright, white kernels that stay white! Big ears with excellent tip fill. Great eating quality.
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MIRAI 425W Click for explanation of symbol
756'30"7.5"14-16Ps(IR), Pst(HR)Taste the superior Mirai® eating quality with sweet tender kernels. Has great seed vigor, cover, and tip fill with high yelds. Shipper style with roadside quality. Best white Mirai® available!
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MUNITION Click for explanation of symbol

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786.5' 7"16Et(IR), MDMV(IR), PsRp1-d, Rp1-i (HR), Pst(IR)High-yielding, excellent tip fill, produces stylish shipper ear with uniform size, protected by a strong disease package.
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SUMMER SWEET® BRAND 8909 MRW  Click for explanation of symbol795.75'38"8-8.5"18Bm(IR), Et(IR), Ps(HR)Excellent husk protection and kernel color with multiple disease resistance.
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SUMMER SWEET® HIGLOW® BRAND 1760MR  Click for explanation of symbol826'39"7.5-8"16-18Bm(IR), Et(IR), Ps(HR), Pst(IR)Very strong plant with desirable ear package. Good kernel color and tip fill. Great eating quality and husk protection.
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SUMMER SWEET® HIGLOWMS® BRAND 7401 IMP  Click for explanation of symbol746.5'38"8"16-18MDMV(HR)Excellent husk protection, ear package, and brilliant white kernel color. Gourmet quality!
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SUMMER SWEET® MULTISWEET® 2001MR Click for explanation of symbol745.3'26"8"16-18Bm(IR), Et(IR), Ps(Rp1g,Rp1)(HR)Exceptional eating quality. Early maturity with mainseason performance. Excellent seedling vigor, emergence, flags, and husk package.
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SV1580SC New item for Siegers Seed Company! Click for explanation of symbol796.75'24"8"18-20Et(IR), PsRpG+Rp1D(HR), Pst(IR)Consistent performer with good tip fill, high yield potential, and excellent flavor. Easy to pull ears during hand or mechanical harvest.
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SV9813SC New item for Siegers Seed Company! Click for explanation of symbol
796.75'24"8"18-20PsRpG+Rp1D(HR)A consistent performer that produces a high quality ear and an attractive husk package. High yield potential with the addition of below ground protection for Corn Rootworm. Proven to have dual modes of action for insect protection against European Corn Borer, Corn Earworm, Fall Armyworm and weed control benefits of Roundup® agricultural herbicides.
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WSS 0987 Click for explanation of symbol
817'30"7.25"14-16Et(IR), PsRp1-d(HR)Insect protected variety! High quality shipper ears are filled to the tip with 14-16 rows of milky white kernels. Dark green husks have good flags.
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XTH 3674 Click for explanation of symbol745.5-6.0'22"8.25"16-18Et(IR)Superb eating quality with good tip fill. Excellent husk package with outstanding yield potential. Good for roadside and fresh markets.
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XTRA-TENDER BRAND 3174 Click for explanation of symbol747'26"8.5" 16-18 Tender and sweet with great tip fill and very dark green husks. Good white kernel color. Easy to snap. Gourmet quality.
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XTRA-TENDER BRAND 3379  Click for explanation of symbol796-7'25"7.5"-8"16-18Bm, Et, PstThis variety has excellent vigor, high eating quality, fantastic overall ear appearance and husk package. It is definately a main season winner!
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XTRA-TENDER BRAND 3473 Click for explanation of symbol
746'28"7.5-7.8"14-16Pst(IR)Kernals are extremely tender and sweet. Easy snap, short shanks, attractive package and high yields.
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XTRA-TENDER BRAND 372A Click for explanation of symbol
725-6'20"7.5"16Bm(IR), Pst(IR)Excellent emergence and seedling vigor. Takes stress better than many sh2 varieties. Short shank, shipper style. Excellent tip fill. Very tender.
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XTRA-TENDER BRAND 378A Click for explanation of symbol
786-7'26"7.5"16-18Bm(IR), Pst(IR)Excellent shipper ear package with high-quality, attractive ears. Good tip fill, attractive flag leaves.
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment

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