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Variety Descriptions
Item#VarietyRelative DaysFruit CharacteristicsFruit Size
(Length" x Diameter")
Scoville RatingResistance/
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BALLPARK70-75 (TP)4.5" x 1"1,000 to 2,000PVY, Tobamo PoA hardy, cylinderical hybrid jalapeno is mildly pungent,that was bred for processing. It's elongated, cylindrical shape results in more uniform diameter in cross section slices with thick walls.
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CENTELLAVery Early (TP)Large1,000 to 5,000PepMoV(HR), PVY0(HR), Tm0(HR), Xcv1-3(HR)Highly productive with extremely uniform fruit. Widely adaptable and very prolific.
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COMPADREMid-Late (TP)Large4,000 to 6,000 Export grade high quality, extremely high yielding. Demonstrated little to no anthocyanin under stressful conditions. Consistently uniform, smooth, low cracking.
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DON PEDROLarge4,000 to 6,000Xcv1,2,3 (IR)Resists skin cracking and purpling. High production, uniform fruit.
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EL JEFEMidseason (TP)4" x 1.5"4,000 to 6,000PVY0,1,2(HR), TEV(IR), Xcv0-3, 7, 8(HR)High-quality fruits are darker green with thicker walls, smaller cavity, and more cylindrical shape. Ideal for both fresh and processing markets.
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EL REYMid-Early (TP)3" x 1.25"2,500 to 4,500PVY0,1,2(HR), TEV(IR), Xcv1,2,3Produces a heavy load of large, pungent, thick-walled fruit on a compact plant. Dark green with less stress purpling. Widely adapted.
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GRANDE75-80 (TP)4" x 1.5"4,000 to 6,000PVY, TEVLarge-sized, medium-thick walled Jalapeno. Large plants are very vigorous.
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70-754-4.5"2,500 to 3,600Xcv1,2,3Dark green, thick walled fruit with excellent tolerance to checking/cracking. Outstanding quality and exceptional yield. Vigorous plant that provides a continuous set that allows for an extended pick for a long harvest period.
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MAGNO Midseason (TP)Jumbo4,000 to 6,000PVY0,1,2 (HR), Xcv0-3,7,8 (HR)Vigorous, widely adapted, and high yielding. Fruit are smooth, dark green, and pungent. This variety works well throughout Mexico and the U.S.
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MAJOR LEAGUE70-75 (TP)4" x 1.5"1,000PVY0(HR), Tobamo Po(HR)Long, dark green, cylindrical shaped jalapeno pepper designed for processing. Thick walls, great recovery when "nacho" sliced.
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58 (TP)5" x 1.25"5,000 to 6,000 Very hot, long jalapeno for slicing. Narrow and slightly pointed. Easily de-stemmed. Note: This variety may display some genetic diversity.
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NEW PARKEarly-Midseason (TP)4.5" x 1.25"2,500 to 4,000Xcv1,2,3(IR)A remarkably long, uniform, conical shaped Jalapeno perfect for the sliced (wheel) processing market. Also excellent for fresh market due to its large size, yield, uniformity, color, disease resistance and early maturity.
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PS 1143580762-66 (TP)4.3" x 1.75"3,500 to 4,200Ma(HR), Mi(HR), Mj(HR), Pc(IR), PVY0(HR), TEV(HR)Unique combination of size, quality, yield, and pungency not currently available in the marketplace. Tall and vigorous plants with a continuous fruit set of dark green, smooth fruit.
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PS 1143581062-66 (TP)4.3" x 1.75"2,000 to 2,500Ma(HR), Mi(HR), Mj(HR), Pc(IR), PVY0(HR), TEV(HR)High yielding with good size, fruit quality, and pungency. Vigorous, tall plant has continuous set of large, dark green, smooth fruit.
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PX 216Early to Mid (TP)5.5 x 1.3"1,500 to 2,500Xcv0,1,2,3(HR)Long cylindrical fruit ideal for the processing market. Destems easily and sets a heavy crop.
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RAYOMid-Late (TP)Large4,000 to 6,000Xcv(IR)Large, uniform fruit with thick walls on an upright plant. Excellent cover and high yields. Suitable for fresh market and processing.
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REGALO 4" x 1.25"4,000 to 6,000 This is a very productive jalapeno. Regalo generally has straight and cylindeical fruit that decap easily. Excellent uniformity for sliced "Rings".
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SAYULA (X3RŪ)70-75 (TP)3" x 1.5"4,000 to 6,000Xcv1-3(HR)Has a vigorous plant and prolific set, allowing for multiple picks. Processing and fresh market.
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SPADAEarly-Mid (TP) 4 x 1.75"2,500 to 3,000 Large, uniform fruit up to 4 inches long. Highly concentrated for more yields per pick. Excellent cover with large leaves.
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SV3198HJ New item for Siegers Seed Company!
(PX 11473198)
75-80 (TP)4.75" x 1.25"3,000 Improved pungency and high yield potential. Well suited for the nacho processor industry.
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SV7017HJ (X3RŪ) New item for Siegers Seed Company!Early-Mid (TP)3.7" x 1.4"3000Xcv0-3, 7-8(HR)Medium, upright, vigorous plant that produces approximately 27-30 marketable fruit with thick walls, and excellent quality. Recommended for Fresh Market. Resistant to bacterial leaf spot.
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TACANAMain (TP)Large1,000 to 5,000PVY, TEV, Xcv0,1,2,3(HR)Mainseason, smooth, attractive jalapeņo with a tapered blunt shape and solid interior. Resists cracking.
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TAMAYOEarly (TP)Extra Large4,000 to 6,000Xcv1,2,3 (HR)Early variety with a concentrate set and large, smooth fruits. Vigorous plant with good cover.
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TLALOCEarly (TP)Extra Large PepMoV(HR), PVY, Xcv2,5,6Very large, very dark green, and very thick walled with a pleasant pungency for markets where a larger Jalapeno is preferred.
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TORMENTA72 (TP)4" x 1.5"4,000 to 6,000Xcv1,2,3(IR)Strong, vigorous, continuous setting plant with large dark green shiny fruit which tend not to crack or purple. Strong performance in Southeastern USA.
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment