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Variety Descriptions

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Item#VarietyRelative DaysFruit CharacteristicsFruit Size
(Length" x Diameter")
Scoville RatingResistance/
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CAPSICOMidseason (TP)4.25" x 1.5"4,000 to 6,000PVY0,1,2(HR), Xcv0-3, 7, 8Extra large, smooth dark green uniform fruit. Capsico delivers a heavy first pick followed by a continuous set and overall excellent yields. Minimal corking and purpling.
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CENTELLAVery EarlyLarge1,000 to 5,000PepMoV(HR), PVY0(HR), Tm0(HR), Xcv1-3(HR)Highly productive with extremely uniform fruit. Widely adaptable and very prolific.
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CHICHIMECA65-70 (TP) 4.25" x 1.5"5,000 to 6,000PVY0 (HR)Produces large fruit in an early, concentrated set. Works well in cooler growing conditions.
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COMPADREMid-Late (TP)Large4,000 to 6,000 Export grade high quality, extremely high yielding. Demonstrated little to no anthocyanin under stressful conditions. Consistently uniform, smooth, low cracking.
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DON PEDROLarge4,000 to 6,000Xcv1,2,3 (IR)Resists skin cracking and purpling. High production, uniform fruit.
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EL JEFEMidseason (TP)4" x 1.5"4,000 to 6,000