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Hybrid No-Heat Jalapeno See Prices

Variety Descriptions
Item#VarietyRelative DaysFruit CharacteristicsFruit Size
(Length" x Diameter")
Plant CharacteristicsResistance/
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P 11172-76 (TP)4" x 1.5"MediumXcv(IR)No Heat! Used for processing. Fruit is medium with long cylindrical shape suited for machine harvest. Very good yield and fruit quality. Nice dark color with thick walls.
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PACE 10565-70 (TP)5" x 1.5"Vigorous, Tall No Heat! The plant is large with a tremendous set of large fruit with thick walls. Easy to destem which allows faster harvest for greater quality and reduced costs.
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment