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Plant Characteristics
  1. Compact, Medium (01)
  2. Compact, Medium Vigor, Strong, Upright (01)
  3. Vigorous, Erect (01)
Fruit Characteristics
  1. Green to Yellow (01)
  2. Yellow to Red (01)
Fruit Size (Length" x Diameter")
  1. 1.75" x 1.25" (01)
  2. 3.5" x 0.75" (01)
  3. 4-5" (01)
  4. 7" x 1.3" (01)
  5. Extra Large (02)
  6. Large (01)
Scoville Rating
  1. 2,000 to 4,000 (01)
  2. 4,000 to 6,000 (01)
  3. 5,000 to 6,000 (01)
  4. 75,000 (01)
  5. Unrated (02)

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  1. 0750290

    Long hot cayenne which is earlier, larger and higher yielding than other varieties.
  2. 0750007E (Primed)

    Excellent yields of highly uniform, marketable fruit even when making size is difficult. Continuous setting.
  3. 0750585

    Brilliant yellow color. Ideal variety for greenhouse, high tunnels, and open field production. Very adaptable.

    Disease Resistant Codes Tobamo Po TSWV

  4. 0750443

    Vigorous, compact plants hold up well under adverse conditions. Large, uniform fruit with a classy dark green color.
  5. 0750514

    Medium, dark orange fruit with blunt ends. High yields, and an early concentrated set on a medium compact plant. Very hot!

    Disease Resistant Codes PepMoV TSWV

  6. 0750349M (Pellet)

    Exceptionally dark green, smooth and glossy, 4‐lobed peppers. Produces a large percentage of extra large fruit. Early concentrated set.

    Disease Resistant Codes TMV Xcv TEV

  7. High quality, attractive, creamy yellow, early maturing variety exhibits very uniform fruit. Vigorous plant, concentrated fruit set and excellent yield potential. Ideal for fresh market and processing.
  8. 0750377

    Early variety with a concentrate set and large, smooth fruits. Vigorous plant with good cover.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcv

  9. 0750538

    Hearty plant with good branching and high yields. High quality, uniform fruit with a true glossy dark-green color. Cylindrical shape, thick walls, and high pungency. Extra long fruit for processing.
  10. 0750358

    Very large, very dark green, and very thick walled with a pleasant pungency for markets where a larger Jalapeno is preferred.

    Disease Resistant Codes PepMoV Xcv PVY

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