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  1. Category: Hybrid Sweet Bell Pepper
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Fruit Characteristics
  1. Deep Purple to Red (01)
  2. Green to Brown (01)
  3. Green to Orange (01)
  4. Green to Red (13)
  5. Green to Yellow (01)
  6. Ivory to Blush (01)
  7. Purple to Red (01)
  8. Various (01)
Fruit Size (Length" x Diameter")
  1. 5" x 4" (01)

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  1. Widely adapted throughout the Eastern USA and Canada. Thick walled with large, blocky fruit. Extensive disease package including multiple races of BLS and tolerant to Phytophthora.

    Disease Resistant Codes TM Xcv Pc

  2. Very heavy set, thick walls and enormous fruit size offer tremendous yield potentials. Anthocyaninless.
  3. 0740029M (Pellet)

    Very heavy set, thick walls and enormous fruit size offer tremendous yield potentials. Anthocyaninless.

    Disease Resistant Codes Xcv Tobamo Po PVY

  4. 0750440

    Extra-large, firm, dark green pepper suitable for open field production in all planting seasons in the Eastern U.S. Bayonet shows excellent plant vigor to support multiple harvests, high marketable yields, and less culls in each harvest.
  5. 0740088

    Matures from an ivory shade of white to light red color. Very attractive, good-sized fruits at ivory stage.

    Disease Resistant Codes TMV

  6. 0750473

    Early maturing with great yield potential at first harvest. High quality, thick walls, and uniform blocky shape. Excellent open field performance and is also adapted for production in high tunnel.

    Disease Resistant Codes TMV Xcv TEV

  7. Delicious, high-quality fruits mature to a very attractive rich chocolate color.
  8. 0750362

    This classy, thick walled pepper produces near greenhouse quality fruit on field grown plants! Ripens to a deep red and has an extra long shelf life.

    Disease Resistant Codes TMV Xcv

  9. 0750065

    Colossal-sized pepper for the Mid-Atlantic and GA regions. Excellent packouts of high-quality fruits.
  10. 0750385

    This hybrid sweet bell pepper matures from green to a shiny attractive orange. Block shaped, thick walled, large size 4-lobed fruit that is greenhouse quality. TSWV resistant!

    Disease Resistant Codes TSWV TMV

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