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SB5500 is the answer for your post‐harvest residue digestion and soil maintenance program. It is a consortium of living beneficial microorganisms that have the ability to degrade a wide variety of organic polymers such as starch, cellulose, chitin, and lignin. It is 100% naturally occurring and non‐pathogenic, and is not genetically modified.

SB5500 is applied post‐harvest in combination with other SoilBiotics products and soil inputs. SB5500 is a part of SoilBiotics Conventional and Organic residue digester programs and commercial/residential gardening programs. It is non‐toxic, non‐corrosive, and is safe to use around plants and animals, and is compatible with most other conventional and organic products. SB5500 can be applied to most soils for agricultural crops and gardens.

Benefits of using SoilBiotics SB5500

Breaks down fall residue to reduce disease and insect pressure for the next crop Degrades dead plant tissue converting it to valuable organic matter Breaks down waxy lignins and fats in dead plant residue Has ability to increase organic matter and CEC in the soil Helps mineralize fall and spring dry plant food Creates a good decay system in the soil Promotes aeration in the soil (O2) for enhanced microbial life Can be tanked mixed with a fall annual herbicide application Mitigate salt in the soil and breaks down cellulose from plant residue. Work in the lower rhizosphere of the soil releasing soluble phosphorous for plant uptake. Free up calcium tied up in the soil making is available for plant uptake and will hold nitrogen in the soil.

Storage Stability: Store product in a cool location in its original container. Use handling procedures that minimize exposure to the product. SB5500 should be used within the growing season for which it was purchased.

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