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  1. 0610122G (Organic)

    An exceptional variety with all the physical characteristics to make it a superior green baby leaf romaine. Narrow basal leaf base with a smooth rounded top which has great texture and superior shelf life.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bl LMV

  2. 0610160U (Untreated)

    A professional baby leaf lettuce blend of varied textures, shapes, and colors.
  3. 0610143U (Untreated)

    Consistently keeps its dark red color. Harvest 5 days longer during summer, and 10 days longer in winter.
  4. 0610142U (Untreated)

    Nicely serrated, thick green leaves that stand up straight and have a very small leaf attachment. Good Downy Mildew resistance.

    Disease Resistant Codes Nr Bl

  5. 0610177EM (Treated, Primed, Pellet)

    Triple Red, glossy, mid-size cos lettuce suitable for hearts or loose leaf. Slow filling.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bl LMV

  6. 0610126U (Untreated)

    Great baby leaf romaine that is reliable and great tasting.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bl

  7. 0610176EM (Treated, Primed, Pellet)

    Outstanding uniformity and shape with brilliant exterior color and interior contrast. Slightly looser heart for excellent processing capability. Ideal for mini hearts and fillet leaf. Slow bolting, resistant to tip burn.

    Disease Resistant Codes Nr Pb Bl

  8. 0610164U (Untreated)

    Good texture, very defined, serrated margins, medium to slow bolting, semi-erect habit.

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