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  5. 53 (01)
  6. 54 (01)
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  9. 58 (01)
  10. 65 (04)
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  1. 0610047EM (Primed, Pellet)

    Dark green, vigorous, heat tolerant. Slow to tip-burn and bolt. All-season harvest variety.

    Disease Resistant Codes Rs Bolting Tip Burn

  2. 0610085U (Untreated)

    Beautiful, bright red color. Vigorous plant, medium leaf and very curly. Exceptional Lolla Rosa for baby leaf production.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bl

  3. 0610157UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    A mini green romaine with an upright, open growth habit, dense and substantial heads, and broad leaves. Interior is blanched. Excellent yield potential and weight.

    Disease Resistant Codes Nr Bl

  4. 0610099EM (Primed, Pellet)

    Incredible! Heavy, slow to bolt. Tip burn has not been seen. Leaf texture is superb. Summer and Fall production has proven superior to all competitive varieties.Just best online store. It's expensive, but worth it.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bl Bolting Tip Burn

  5. 0610121EM (Primed, Pellet)

    Brilliant red color half way down the leaf with a brilliant green contrast towards the core. Large head is used for both processing and carton. Great texture, slow bolting. Multi-race resistance to Downy Mildew. Expensive seed and worth it.

    Disease Resistant Codes Nr Bl LMV

  6. 0610164U (Untreated)

    Good texture, very defined, serrated margins, medium to slow bolting, semi-erect habit.
  7. 0610097EM (Primed, Pellet)

    Vanguard type iceburg, large, sure-heading variety. Smooth bottom and distinctive green color. Great for boxing, bulk pack, and cello pack. Best suited for late fall harvest. Good cover and exceptional head weight.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bl

  8. 0610176EM (Primed, Pellet)

    Outstanding uniformity and shape with brilliant exterior color and interior contrast. Slightly looser heart for excellent processing capability. Ideal for mini hearts and fillet leaf. Slow bolting, resistant to tip burn.

    Disease Resistant Codes Nr Pb Bl

  9. 0600018EM (Primed, Pellet)

    Standard eastern red leaf. Widely adaptable. Excellent color. Good uniformity and weight. Easy to pack. Slow bolting.
  10. 0600018UEM (Untreated, Primed, Pellet)

    Standard eastern red leaf. Widely adaptable. Excellent color. Good uniformity and weight. Easy to pack. Slow bolting.

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