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  1. 0480027 (Treated)

    Fruit shaped like a spoon gourd with many colors and wings. Many have gradual shading between wings. Bulbs are 2.5‐3" in diameter with necks 6" long.
  2. 0480026 (Treated)

    Shaped like a swan pear with many colors and wings. Intense colors. Bulbs are 2.5‐3" in diameter with necks 4‐5" long. Must be mature at harvest to avoid damaging wings.
  3. 0480048U (Untreated)

    Small 3-4" wide and 2-3" tall multi-colored (yellow, green, orange, white) gourds. Most have warts with a unique shape resembling a daisy pattern on the stem end. Yields are increased if not over planted. Optimum spacing is 1.5-2' linear spacing on 5...
  4. 0480025U (Untreated)

    A wide range of interesting types, including warted spoons and fancy miniatures.
  5. 0480004 (Treated)

    Our unique blend of small, smooth-skinned and warted gourds.
  6. 0480005 (Treated)

    These small, orange-and-green colored gourds have slender necks and a club shape.
  7. 0480056U (Untreated)

    Softball sized fruits have five pairs of protruding prongs that point towards the blossom end. Nice mixture of bright striped, mottled, multicolored fruits.

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