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  1. 0480007U (Untreated)

    Apple-shaped gourd that sits 6.5" tall by 7" diameter.
  2. 0480028 (Treated)

    Long-necked, spoon shaped with wings and varied colors. Necks reach up to 12" long. Unique!
  3. 0480027 (Treated)

    Fruit shaped like a spoon gourd with many colors and wings. Many have gradual shading between wings.
  4. 0480026 (Treated)

    Shaped like a swan pear with many colors and wings. Intense colors. Must be mature at harvest to avoid damaging wings.
  5. 0480015U (Untreated)

    Bulbous at the blossom end, the beginning of the neck is restricted, then flares out into a smaller bulb, forming the shape of a bottle. To form gourds that will sit on their bases, stand them upright while they are young and still growing.
  6. 0480023U (Untreated)

    Average 2.5' long, shaped like a club. The Flintstone family would love it!
  7. New
    0480061T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits

    Our largest ornamental gourd with wings. The perfect complement to Queens!
  8. New
    0480061U (Untreated)

    Our largest ornamental gourd with wings. The perfect complement to Queens!
  9. 0480032U (Untreated)

    Long, medium‐green colored lagenaria gourd. About 2” in diameter and 24” long. Grow on trellises for straight gourds, or grow on ground for “snakelike” curves.
  10. 0480048U (Untreated)

    Small 3-4" wide and 2-3" tall multi-colored (yellow, green, orange, white) gourds. Most have warts with a unique shape resembling a daisy pattern on the stem end. Yields are increased if not over planted. Optimum spacing is 1.5-2' linear spacing on 5...

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