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  1. Pumpkin (4)
  • $68 $152
  1. 16"W, 35-45 lbs. (01)
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  3. 6"H x 8"W, 5-6 lbs. (01)
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  1. 0780192U (Untreated)

    A bright yellow pie pumpkin that will catch your customers eyes! High yields of uniform fruit with great handles.

    Disease Resistant Codes Px

  2. 0780160T (FarMore FI400)
    • FarMore FI400 Cucurbits Logo

    Dark orange, excellent handles, and the perfect size for school kids!

    Disease Resistant Codes Px

  3. 0780103 (Treated)

    Unique pumpkin with the skin and flesh of a butternut squash! Fantastic flavor for eating, plus ornamental uses for its unusual, flesh-tone skin.
  4. 0780139 (Treated)

    New large sized hybrid, which is uniform in size. Strong vines and white colored rind and flesh.

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