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  1. 0860085T (Farmore F300)

    A semi‐savoy, dark green, round leaf, bolt hardy spinach developed by Seminis for fresh, baby and processing markets. Has proven to successfully over winter in temperate growing regions. A major advancement in spinach genetics.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pfs

  2. 0860125

    April 2018
    Deep green in color with very nice texture and pliability. Leaves are round, slightly savoy and uniform in shape and size. Adaptable over a wide range of environments and its tall petioles allow for ease of harvest.

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  3. 0860089

    Dark green spinach with thick, smooth, round leaves. Has high heat and bolt resistance, is ideal for high populations and baby leaf production.

    Disease Resistant Codes Bolting Pfs

  4. 0860099

    A widely‐adapted, warm season hybrid with uniform, dark green leaves. It is suitable for baby, clip, or bunch markets.

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