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  1. 0290064T (FarMore F300)

    Very good root quality, high marketable yield, good storage capacity. Well rounded tip, smooth, good color. No green shoulders, strong against silvering.

    Disease Resistant Codes Eh Ps Ad

  2. 0400055T (FarMore FI400)

    Maintains good fruit length under many stress conditions, producing appealing, smooth, dark green fruit that can produce a high percentage of super-selects.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pcu ZYMV Px CMV Ccu Psl

  3. 0400113 (Treated)

    Vigorous and productive plant habit. Fruit is dark green and has excellent shelf life. Suited to cooler temperatures. Intermediate maturity.

    Disease Resistant Codes CVYV Px Ccu

  4. 0400015U (Untreated)

    Uniform dark green color, cylindrical shape with some taper at ends. Compact vines.

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