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  1. Ear Length: 7.5"
  1. Corn (7)
  • $6 $14
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  5. 32" (02)
  6. 33" (01)
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  1. 0060009T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Excellent emergence and seedling vigor. Takes stress better than many sh2 varieties. Short shank, shipper style. Excellent tip fill. Very tender.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst Bm

  2. 0040146T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Ideal for the shipper market that combines improved husk protection and excellent tip fill with a strong plant and good disease package.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst MDMV Et Ps

  3. New
    0040189T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Early augmented with great emergence and vigor. A sturdy clean plant, good tip cover and easy snap. Exceptional eating quality!

    Disease Resistant Codes Et

  4. 0040195T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Widely adapted, strong emergence, uniform. Nice dark green package, easy snap, and good kernel contrast. Maintains quality under a wide range of conditions.

    Disease Resistant Codes Et

  5. 0040183T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    High quality SSW®! Early maturiting, earlier stand establishment, increased yield potential, better germ and vigor. Excellent kernel contrast, great for fresh market.

    Disease Resistant Codes Et

  6. 0030127T (Cruiser or equivalent)
    • Roundup-Ready
    • Perfomance Series

    Synergistic mainseason variety with a classy ear, high eating quality, and below ground protection for Corn Rootworm. Proven to have dual modes of action for insect protection against European Corn Borer, Corn Earworm, Fall Armyworm and weed control ...

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst Et Ps

  7. 0020171T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Strong emergence, high level of consistency, nice dark green package, good kernel contrast. Easy snap, maintains quality in a wide range of conditions.

    Disease Resistant Codes Et

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