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  1. Category: Watermelon
  2. Relative Days: Early (TP)
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  1. 3-5 lbs. (01)
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  1. Bright Red (01)
  2. Intense Red (01)
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  1. Strong, Compact vine (01)
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  1. Light Green, Minimal Stripes (01)
  1. Oblong (01)
  2. Round (01)

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  1. 0990191 (Treated)

    Crunchy texture, great taste and color with a high Brix content. Good yield potential on a vigorous plant and strong canopy to help protect the fruit from sunburn. Produces consistent fruit uniformity across the field.

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  2. 0990196 (Treated)

    An extended flowering pollenizer that improves the likelihood of available pollen during the critical flowering of triploid watermelons. Strong, compact vine structure allows it to climb up on triploids. It provides little competition and produ...

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  3. 0990188 (Treated)

    High quality with excellent flavor, crisp texture, high brix, and uniformity.

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