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Plant Characteristics
  1. Strong, Compact vine (01)
Fruit Characteristics
  1. Light Green, Minimal Stripes (01)
  2. Sturdy, Long, Aggressive, Small Leaf (01)
  3. Vigorous, Non-competing Vines (02)
  1. Blocky (02)
  2. Blocky Elongated (01)
  3. Blocky Round (01)
  4. Blocky-Oblong (01)
  5. Elongated (03)
  6. Globe (03)
  7. Long, Blocky (02)
  8. Near Round (01)
  9. Nearly Round (01)
  10. Oblong (06)
  11. Oval (08)
  12. Oval, Blocky (05)
  13. Round (09)
  14. Round Oval (02)
  15. Round/Oval (01)

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  1. 0980090

    Vigorous vine and high yield potential. Well suited for long distance shipping. Attractive flesh is uniform in color, crisp and sweet.

    Disease Resistant Codes Co

  2. 0990191

    Crunchy texture, great taste and color with a high Brix content. Good yield potential on a vigorous plant and strong canopy to help protect the fruit from sunburn. Produces consistent fruit uniformity across the field.

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  3. 0990171E (Primed)

    Uniform, improved fruit set for high yield potential. Strong disease resistance and plant growth habit. Suitable for both fresh market and fresh-cut use. Mostly 45-count for whole fruit markets.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fon Co

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  4. 0990133E (Primed)

    High quality with early set in cool conditions. Excellent fruit uniformity, vigorous vine, and high yields. The bright red flesh with dense texture is crisp and sweet.

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  5. 0990112E (Primed)

    Rich deep green rind color. Very classy. Flesh is firm and deep red. Superior quality, next generation crimson seedless variety.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fon Fon Co

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  6. 0980097E (Primed)

    Vigorous early setting variety makes an excellent companion to Sugarheart for full-season yield.

    Disease Resistant Codes HH

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  7. 0990096

    Replacement for Orange Sweet. Has improved, more vibrant orange flesh color which is crisper. Holds better than most red varieties. Tough sunburn resistant rind.

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  8. 0990090E (Primed)

    Displays concentrated sets of uniform medium sized globe shaped fruit with attractive red flesh. 5-7 days earlier than Tri-X Brand 313.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fon Co

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  9. 0990086

    Vigorous vine, multiple branching, produces more flowers than a diploid pollinator. Small leaves, does not compete with triploid's vine or fruit. Has a distinguishable unique gray rind pattern which makes it easy to identify and leave in the field.

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  10. 0990071

    This variety was developed as a non-harvestable pollenizer in the production of seedless watermelon. It produces long, thin, very sturdy vines with small leaves. The plant habit is ideal as it brings the pollenizer into close proximity with the tripl...

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