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  1. Category: Tomato
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  1. New
    0950390U (Untreated)

    Unique pinkish brown fruits with metallic green stripes and pink interior. Very meaty, extremely flavorful. Quick to ripen.
  2. 0950040U (Untreated)

    Vigorous growing, very small blossom end scar. Medium-short internodes. Green shoulders.
  3. 0950224 (Treated)

    Large fruit remain green when ripe! A hint of yellow and pink blush on blossom end tell you these delicious, sweet, spicy tomatoes are ready to pick.
  4. 0950262 (Treated)

    Large, pink, cherry tomato with a delicious flavor. The plants are strong, vigorous with high yield potential, and has a good disease package. Ideal for home garden, roadside, and specialized retail.

    Disease Resistant Codes ToMV Ff (now Pf) For Fol Ss

  5. 0950379U (Untreated)

    Exceptional quality yellow heirloom type with great flavor and a delicious creamy texture. Large fruit can weight up to 2 lbs. Has fuzzy potato leaf vines.
  6. 0950329U (Untreated)

    Golden color tomato that's strong against blossom end rot and cracking. Well balanced ratio of sugar and acid. Excellent shelf life.

    Disease Resistant Codes TMV

  7. New
    0950391M (Treated, Pellet)

    Strong plant with strong vigor and cover. Fruit set is very good, improved uniformity, yield potential and longer cycle production. Fruit are large, firm, have strong healthy husks, attractive green color and above average shelf life.
  8. 0950330 (Treated)

    Golden grape tomato with excellent flavor. Vigorous plant, great fruit set, and high yields. Excellent cracking resistance and outstanding shelf life.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fol

  9. 0950199 (Treated)

    Well adapted and suited for all types of protected culture. Large fruit, about 0.5 lb. Early maturing, high yielding and excellent flavor.

    Disease Resistant Codes Va Vd ToMV Fol

  10. 0950326U (Untreated)

    Availability: Sold Out
    San Marzano is a step above your typical roma with high yields. For classic Italian flavor with an extra kick, the San Marzano is perfect. Great in sauces and baked dishes.

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