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  1. 0950278U (Untreated)

    Excellent, uniform size and shape with good firmness. Very strong bush with good cover.

    Disease Resistant Codes TSWV V

  2. 0950361UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Excellent fruit quality! Attractive, smooth, uniform fruit with high yields. Good plant vigor, cover, and concentrated set. Wide adaptability and consistent performance. Added value through resistance to TSWV and Fusarium race 3.
  3. 0950198UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Very large, exceptional consistent quality. Tangerine-colored round tomato. The best we have seen.

    Disease Resistant Codes ToMV Fol For V

  4. 0950245U (Untreated)

    Large, globe-shaped tomato which has demonstrated excellent production and quality in TN, VA & NJ commercial production regions. Excellent set, quality and yields.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fol V

  5. 0950359UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Yields consistent high quality, firm fruit. Medium to strong plant vigor. Moderate heat tolerance. Remarkably low grey wall presence, gassing capabilities.

    Disease Resistant Codes Va Vd Sl Ss Fol

  6. 0940089U (Untreated)

    Very firm, low acidity, unique yellow‚Äźgold color at maturity. Excellent commercial shipper or home garden variety.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fol V

  7. 0950304UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Suitable for Southeast U.S. region. Strong vines with firm fruit. Sets good sized fruit on both top and bottom of plant.
  8. 0950341EM (Primed, Pellet)

    Featuring excellent size, yield and quality blossom ends. Produces deep oblate, smooth, uniform fruit on a vigorous plant.

    Disease Resistant Codes ToMV TSWV Ss TYLCV Fol V Aal

  9. 0950188U (Untreated)

    This large, unique gold to fully matured tangerine-colored roma tomato will catch the low acid eyes of every potential buyer. Big, beautiful, fantastic yields and great taste.
  10. 0950135

    Excellent for U.S. markets. Extra-large sized green globe fruit are covered by leaf-like husk.

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